Hanley Elevator Modernization Design


James M. Hanley Federal Building, Syracuse, NY


U.S. General Services Administration


Architecture Structural Engineering



Project Overview:

This federal project modernized seven elevators at the James M. Hanley Federal Building – six passenger elevators and one freight elevator.  The elevator upgrades also ensured code compliance and more energy efficient measure to be implemented.  A pre-design investigation, traffic analysis and equipment comparison allowed the NKB design team to meet the best modernization solution while balancing costs and long-lasting performance. To allow for continued daily business operations, NKB created phasing plans that allowed the work to be completed one elevator at a time while keeping select elevators open to the public and providing safety to the contractors performing the work.

Project Fact:

We created a phased implementation to keep the entire building covered with elevator service while this project was executed.

Project Tags:

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