Massachusetts National Cemetery Expansion


Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne, MA


Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration


Architecture Structural Engineering Planning



Project Overview:

For this fast track project, we provided unique A/E design and technical solutions on an expedited schedule to help the National Cemetery Administration expand the National Cemetery’s capacity and improve the overall visitor experience. The project entailed demolishing existing buildings, construction of new Administration facilities, new restrooms, storage and maintenance facilities.  The project scope also included the design of pre-placed crypt field with irrigation, columbarium niches, and cremains sites.  This National Cemetery project was implemented without disruption to existing operations.  To keep costs down, some underground utilities were reused when possible. Sustainable, energy efficient features, were also implemented including energy efficient and water conserving fixtures and recycling of bay wash water.

Project Fact:

This project provided over 10,000 double depth pre-placed crypts with in-place irrigation system, 4,500 columbarium niches, and 1,000 cremains sites to facilitate timely internments when the need arises.

Project Tags:

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