Hanley Facade Restoration


James M. Hanley Federal Building, Syracuse, NY


U.S. General Services Administration


Architecture Structural Engineering



Project Overview:

Extensive cracking and spalling of the exterior concrete at the Hanley Federal Building required a comprehensive visual survey in order to determine the condition and integrity of both the precast concrete panels and the cast-in-place structural elements of the facade.  A subsequent effort had us look into the issues surrounding the ice formation which was occurring on the windows sills after substantial snow storms.

Providing a condition assessment and study complete with an exhaustive survey of the building exterior was our first step in analyzing the issues at hand. Finding approximately 400 locations of risk-inducing loose or spalling concrete, and 1,500 FT of cracking, repairs had to be made to restore stability and eliminate the risk of falling debris to public safety. To complete repairs, NKB enlisted industrial rope access technicians to remove select portions of the facade concrete and patch where necessary in order to reduce the potential of falling hazards. Cutting and patching were executed where needed, and approximately 1,700 SF of surface crazing was alleviated through the application of a stabilizing coating that was applied to prevent further deterioration.

Post-investigation, we provided construction documents, cost estimates, and construction period services for the implementation of the project. Located in downtown Syracuse with heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic, ensuring a safe environment while minimizing the disruption of both the community and building tenants was vital during construction.

Project Fact:

The vertical rope access of the facade provided visual inspection and soundings for every square foot of the exterior walls and parapets in order to map what was occurring.


Project Tags:

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