Jackson Courthouse Bankruptcy Court Renovations


Buffalo, NY


U.S. General Services Administration


Architecture Interior Design


Federal, Justice / Homeland Security

Project Overview:

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court was in need of re-organizing its existing space to account for changes in its workflow and processing of the existing caseload and client interface.  The renovations on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th floors of the Robert H. Jackson Courthouse, Buffalo, NY were designed to promote a collaborative work environment and reworking their existing floor plan allowing for a more open plan and workstations, meeting spaces, larger conference rooms and a new break area for employees to kick back and relax.  Formerly private, closed offices were opened up and refreshed with a mixture of solid and frosted glass partitions to allow for openness and privacy. NKB’s design reorganized the space to better suit ongoing programs and improve the daily government personnel and visitor activities.

Project Fact:

The vast majority of this project scope was implemented on a raised floor system which presented a variety of challenges for both architectural and building systems implications.

Project Tags:

Feasibility Study, Construction Documents, Construction Administration, Complete Design Services, Interior Design, Office Renovation, Architecture, Systems Furniture Integration, Modular Walls, Open Concept Design, Security Enhancements