Tower Assessments & Helipad Designs


Various Locations, Maine


U.S. General Services Administration


Structural Engineering


Federal, Unique Projects

Project Overview:

This project began with performing structural and conditions assessments of 16 towers and their associated assets such as shelters and power systems to determine the need for corrective repair and/or replacement. On-site condition inspections in remote locations required an immense amount of coordination. Some sites were only accessible by helicopter or all-terrain vehicles, creating difficult logistics situations.

We traveled through the mountainous territory and provided topographic and terrain survey at each site to determine the optimal location for each helicopter landing pad. Our structural team designed the foundation for each pre-manufactured helipad to ensure its safety and security. This unique project allowed us to show off our project management skills as well as our design skills, as we managed multiple specialty subconsultants and literally went into uncharted territory.

Project Fact:

Our team traveled over 1,300 miles via truck in 7 days to complete these assessments.

Project Tags:

Construction Documents, Construction Administration, Inspection Services, Assessment, Aviation Design