Montgomery County Facility Assessment & Master Plan


Fonda, NY


Montgomery County


Architecture Structural Engineering


State / Municipal

Project Overview:

With a County-owned office building in need of alterations and additions, Montgomery County selected NKB to perform a facilities assessment study and master plan to determine their best options. Facility deficiencies, a cost analysis, and master planning services containing space programming were all provided to the client, providing a plan to move forward with necessary rehabilitation. The proposed master plan included a written recommendation in the form of a 20-year County Facility Plan to be implemented over time.

Collecting and analyzing data, a visual review of all facility systems and infrastructure, and probable cost estimates allowed us to provide recommendations that would suit both our clients’ immediate and long-range future needs, and take into account their budget. A phased implementation strategy for occupancy during construction was prepared to guide the County through a successful rehabilitation.

Project Fact:

One consideration for this project was to relocate Montgomery County Offices to a new location, so they are no longer in the floodplain of the Mohawk River.

Project Tags:

Feasibility Study, Master Planning, Office, Maintenance Facilities, Cost Estimates, Rehabilitation