Robert McEwen Custom House Border Patrol Renovations


Ogdensburg, NY


U.S. General Services Administration


Architecture Structural Engineering


Federal, Justice / Homeland Security, Historic Preservation

Project Overview:

As the oldest building on the National Historic Register accommodating current immigration protocol, Customs and Border Protection needed to upgrade the Border Patrol Station to comply with current Homeland Security and law enforcement / judicial requirements for this upgrade and renovation. A two-phased implementation allowed for a pre-design study and renovations including: wings and central core of the building, accessibility upgrades, an elevator addition, and an exit stair and sally port for detainee transfer.

Investigation and geotechnical analysis for an 80 FT communications tower on site was led by our structural team. From investigation to design to bid period and PCCS, the NKB team oversaw every aspect of this project. Understanding the importance of security, accessibility, and CBP agency requirements helped satisfy all of the project drivers for this assignment.

The McEwen Customs House Renovations project was awarded the GSA the 2014 Small Project of the Year for Project Management.

Project Fact:

The McEwen Custom House is the oldest building within the inventory of the General Services Administration.

Project Tags:

Feasibility Study, Homeland Security, Historic Preservation, Construction Documents, Construction Administration, Elevator Design, Security Design, Roofing, Office Renovataion