Laboratory Planning

Our laboratory planning professionals take a thoughtful, collaborative approach to creating effective, practical, and flexible spaces for our clients. We are adept at managing rigorous technical requirements while creating specialized solutions for each facility. Understanding that each laboratory comes with a unique set of goals and requirements, we work intimately with clients to bring their vision to life and ultimately develop a space that balances technical solutions with a functional design that will serve clients’ needs now and in the future.

Experience with laboratory planning has given us a heightened awareness of the drivers that guide laboratory facility design in many laboratory types. Our knowledgeable team has provided planning and design services for the following types of laboratories:


  • Fundamental Research
  • Development Research
  • Regulatory Compliance Labs
  • Teaching/Clinical Labs
  • Biological (BSL)
  • Biotechnology Labs
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Food Labs / Agricultural Labs
  • Drug Development / Compliance Testing
  • Wet Labs (Chemistry, Polymer)
  • Clean Rooms
  • Characterization/Metrology/Testing
  • Process Research


Our Laboratory Planning / Programming Experience Includes:

  • Program of Requirements (POR) Development
  • Researcher Work Flow
  • Code Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Special Condition Considerations
  • Energy / Environmental

NIH Design Requirements Manual

Our team includes experts in the National Institutes of Health Design Requirements Manual (NIH DRM). NKB’s deep knowledge of the NIH DRM has led us to be enlisted as a subject matter expert by clients to manage technical and operational requirements, ultimately shaping the project’s actual design and construction. Our laboratory planning team applies this expertise to projects granted NIH funds to successfully guide clients through compliance requirements.