Laser Scanning

NKB’s 3D laser scanner provides a new level of service for our clients. This LiDAR based high-resolution scanner builds an extremely accurate model of facilities through a unique data collection process. Scanning expedites the time it would typically take to walk through and document existing conditions and can eliminate the need for repeat site visits to take measurements. We move the real world into the modeled world by creating a snapshot of the existing conditions and their impact on the project.

In gathering such an accurate data set, we can better serve our clients by proposing the proper solutions and using the data to foresee potential “pain points” that we can tackle head-on. Scanning provides a safe, cost-conscious way of creating a complete view of the project, presenting an excellent communication and collaboration tool for projects.





  • • Increase in data accuracy and precision
  • • Reduce travel to the project site
  • • Collect an exact 3D as-built for future reference/work
  • • Improve ability to safely measure difficult to access areas
  • • Enhance coordination and communication
  • • Facilitate the documentation of equipment that will occupy a space
  • • Reduce cost due to the accuracy of the data being collected rapidly
  • • Increase in productivity for the entire team; providing the ability to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure